Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Oh my legs...

I woke up this morning with a running hangover, I ran my 16K/10M run last night, the first 12K with a pace of 5:27/K (8:47/M). This morning my legs feel like my head would if I found the bottom of a tequila bottle. I have made the transition from overeating when I’m stressed out to overrunning, makes me want to cuss.

In any case I finally gained control over my emotions by the 12K point and slowed my tempo way down, too late - the damage was already done. My legs are tired and sore today and a constant reminder that I have to deal with some issues in my life.

Thank you to those who commented concerning my rather dark post yesterday, I appreciate you guys! My wife is going through a low in the moment and I haven’t found the right secret formula to help her much yet. In any case I am not making any plans for my vacation next week, I mentioned to my wife that we will do whatever she was a notion to do. Somehow I have to find a way to open the windows and let a little fresh air in on her situation.

Hope everything comes together with her job situation!
"a running hangover"

I like that phrase. I'm going to steal it! :)
"The damage was already done." Man have I been there. Stress fractures in my foot messed up a camping/running vacation and a couple years of running for me about 20 years back. But the injury did allow me to get a little closer to my wife.

She'd been missing me with all the time I'd been spending pounding my metatarsals to powder along the roadside. We had a great time watching the healthy runners go by our campsite under the redwoods that year.

Thanks for the memories Jack.
It's good that you are focusing on your wife's well-being...just don't forget to take care of yourself, too!
It sounds like you already are opening that window by being concerned and sensitive. I hope things even out for both of you soon.
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