Thursday, July 21, 2005

New 16K Route; New Pain in Ankle!

Last night I added about 2K to my 14K/8.7M route, bringing the distance up to about 16K/10M. I finished the first 8K with a pace of 5:38/K (9:04/M). At this point I turned off my normal trail and took an extra loop on one corner so can only guesstimate on the rest of the run. I ran a total of 1:35:25 in any case, it probably was slightly further than 16K. I want to check this out with my bicycle this weekend.

I am trying to bring my mileage up to about 64K/40M per week for a normal week and 75K/46M on a long run week (every 2nd).

In comparison, with the training for my first marathon in May I ran an average of 56K/35M per week during a normal week and up to 63K/39M on long run week.

I'm hoping the added mileage will help me hold up during the second half of the marathon in September.

Monday I tripped over a piece of wood in my workshop and twisted my ankle some. It didn’t bother me on my run that night, but the last couple days I have had pain when I walk up and down stairs. Tuesday night I didn’t notice any pain when I ran (27 min.), so I tried it again last night. No pain when I run, I don’t even notice anything out of the ordinary. It only seems to be when I walk up and down stairs. Strange! In any case I think I will just do my upper body weight training tonight and not run. Tomorrow (Friday) is rest day so I can stay off my feet a little more. I would like to do a medium run 22K/13.6M Saturday morning, but if the ankle still seems to be sore than I will cut this down, or maybe even not run :-0

I am getting my weight back under control, I gained a couple pounds last weekend on our mini-vacation. One more pound and I’ll be back where I left off last Thursday. Long sigh!

So the pain is in the bend, not the pressure placed on the foot itself? Hmmm. at least you can run. But do take care.
I so hate losing weight I've already lost! grrrrr

That's weird about your ankle...take care.
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