Wednesday, July 13, 2005

More Hot Weather; Simple Marathon II Strategy

The weather is warming up really fast again, today is sunny and hot, temperatures should reach 32C/90F again. No thanks!

Last night I did my now routine weight training, followed by a short run around the block (~3K/2M).

To be honest I am not emphasizing the weight training as much as I probably should be in the moment, I guess it’s a combination of a general lack of time and fear of injury. I have noticed some good overall toning of the muscles, so I think I am still benefiting from my limited workouts, but I am not going to increase weight or reps much until after my marathon in September.

To be equally honest I am actually thinking of replacing one of my 3 weight training days with a 4th “run” day to increase my mileage.

My first marathon goal was to “finish”. The goal for my second marathon is to finish “strong” (notice that I didn’t say fast). My new strategy is simple:

Run forty-two six-minute kilometer runs, then sprint over the finish line! Or to apply it to the Yankee standard, run twenty-six 9:39-minute miles then sprint over the finish line!

Gee, makes it almost sound easy! Hear that Jon!


You do make it sound easy! Especially the sprint part!!

September will be here before you know it.
That's so smart! Although, I'm so weak, I think "42 one-kilometer runs" is waaayyyy too daunting a number. I think I'd make it one 21-kilomter run and 21 one-kilometer run. I mean, not that I would be doing 42k of anything, I'm just saying, I like the idea of starting the counting over in the middle. The point it, it's a great strategy!
- Mia
I have no problem with the sprint part. But doubt I could do 5miles at 9.39 each let alone
Oooh, I like your way of thinking about it! One mile at a time...
I really like that attitude, Jack: strong not fast. I will stay tuned!!
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