Monday, July 18, 2005

Marathon II Training Review

I skipped my weight training yesterday, figuring it was not the best idea the day after my half-marathon. I’m feeling fat and lazy as a result…blah!

I took a day vacation today so decided to do my run this morning. I left the house at about 7 a.m. taking my 14K/8.7M trail. I tried to take it really easy, but still averaged 6:00/K (9:40/M), not exactly a recovery pace. My legs were pretty stiff, but once I got warmed up the run went pretty well. I didn’t have my usual level of energy, but that’s understandable considering I just ran a hilly half-marathon.

Marathon II Training Review

I was reviewing my training schedule for my second marathon on September 18th (Baden Marathon). Next week I need to really start putting on the mileage. As with my first marathon I will be following a 14 day schedule:

1 – 16K/10M
2 – 3K/2M (WT)
3 – 16K/10M (hill route)
4 – 3K/2M (WT)
5 – Rest
6 – Medium run (22K/13.7M)
7 – 3K/2M (WT)
8 – 16K/10M
9 – 3K/2M (WT)
10 – 16K/10M (hill route)
11 – 3K/2M (WT)
12 – Rest
13 – Long run (30K/18.6M – 34K/21.1M)
14 – 3K/2M (WT) or Rest

This works out to about 64K/40M the first week, and up to 75K/47M on the long run week. If I can maintain this schedule, this will mean about a 25% increase in mileage over my first marathon training.

Tapering will start around the first of September, my marathon goal is a time of 4:30:00. That is an average pace of 6:24/K (10:18/M), normally I should be able to do this. Of course I thought that last time...

I plan on continuing to run my hill trail on Wednesday, and do all my long runs on at least 80% asphalt roads. The Baden Marathon in September is almost all concrete or asphalt roads. At least it's flat!

Other Ponderings:

I was just figuring out my average pace for the HM last Saturday, 5:27/K (8:47/M), pretty good considering the hill climbs. I think the hill trail that I have been taking on Wednesday nights really paid off, my breathing increased only slightly on the uphill grades. I really didn’t notice it so much.

The Hornisgrinde Marathon in Buehlertal was yesterday, 271 finishers, the best time 2:47:xx. The Start was in front of the tents that I posted yesterday. It is a different route than the half-marathon – down hill the first half, than uphill, the last 10K being a major hill climb. Hmm sounds like fun!

I am strongly considering running this marathon next year!

Sounds like you had a fantastic run! Congrats and glad you had a nice weekend.
Just curious about the short run the day after a long run...does it help to keep your muscles loose? I've read that a long run should be followed by a rest day, but man oh man, my body sure tightens up the next day or two. Maybe I should consider this?!
I find that the longer runs and weight training tend to leave my muscles pretty tight. The short 3K/2M jog (followed by a 5 minute walk and stretching) generally seem to loosen up everything again. For these jogging sessions I leave my stopwatch at home and run at a loose comfortable pace. Although this sometimes ends up being faster than my normal training pace (e.g. on a stressful day), generally the pace is a more relaxed, carefree jog. I pretty much leave it up to how I feel on a particular day. The idea is to warm-up, not wear-out, the muscles.
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