Friday, July 22, 2005

25K Bike Ride, Ankle Improving!

A busy, busy day ahead of me so have to keep this short (finally?). Last night I did the upper body portions of my weight training, trying to avoid any undo stress on my right ankle. Rather than going for a jog afterwards, I took a 24K/15M bike ride on my mountain bike (average speed 25 km/h). I basically marked out a 22K/13.6M medium-long-run for Saturday. No problem with the right ankle.

This morning my ankle is much better, I could even climb the stairs at the train station without experiencing any pain. I need to keep an eye on it though. Today is a rest day, not training! Tomorrow morning, 0600 – medium long run!

Glad to hear the ankle's improving! Good luck tomorrow on your "medium long run" :-)
Good to hear, hope it holds up. Just make sure you're ready for your small-long-mini-medium run next week ;)
Haven't been around much, so I had some big-time catching up to do here!

Your consistency is really awesome, Jack. Glad to hear the ankle was good to you today!
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