Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Yesterday I had a rather productive day at work, finishing a couple proofreading projects, got a good start on translating a presentation for one of the applications dudes and even had time to work on my own technical manuals! This boosted the moral somewhat. The highlight of the day was getting home and doing my weight training, I’m really starting to enjoy this. I’ve been taking a 2K run right after this, it seems to loosen everything up a little. Yesterday I left my watch at home and just let my body set the pace – all in all a very satisfying workout. This was reflected in my sleep, I slept a good 7 hours and feel very refreshed this morning. Good thing, I have mountains of work to move this week!

Summary of Last Night's Training:

1 set 15 pushups, 1 set 25 sit-ups;
1 set of weight training (WT) exercises;
1 set 15 pushups, 1 set 25 sit-ups;
2K run (left the stopwatch home!)
1K walk (cool down)
1 set 15 pushups, 1 set 25 sit-ups;
Cool down.
Conditions: 16:30; 17C/63F, cloudy.
Feeling after training: Very good.

Diet Stats:

Wake-up weight this morning: 76kg/167.5lbs
Weight lost since 01/01/2005: 4kg/8.8lbs
Goal weight by the end of June: 74kg/163lbs
Goal weight by Christmas: 70kg/154lbs

Other ramblings:

Did you hear about the jogger that was killed by a bear in Canmore Alberta, Canada? Frolicking Filly mentioned it to me yesterday, today it appeared in the German newspaper. Kind of overshadow's the problems I have with ocassional agressive dogs...

Sleep. Oh how I need sleep. 7 hours? I think I would kill that bear for 7 hours of sleep.
That's great that you're getting so into the weight training! It's always fun to have something new to inspire your fitness program...keep up the good work!
Read about the jogger. Its very tragic. She was an awesome athlete and well respected in her community. A young mom too.

As for the techie stuff and your accomplishments. Glad it is going better. I love writing techie stuff myself. Lately all I get to do is train users and the manuals are in dire need of updating...oh well.
Oooh, I hadn't heard about the jogger. How sad.
I'm glad you are feeling better, though. Sleep helps. I know as one of the occasionally sleep-deprived.
Great that you recieved some well deserved sleep! Dont sweat the small stuff :)
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