Monday, June 27, 2005

Updated Marathon II Training Plan

Marathon II Training Plan Posted by Hello

I was looking over my training plan again and made a few adjustments based on some tentative races that I want to squeeze in.

Wednesday will generally be a 14K/8.7M hill climbing run, maybe even hill repeats if the weather would cool down some.

My first marathon in May was a "to finish" marathon. The marathon on September 18th will be a time-goal marathon, my goal being to finish in 4:30:00-4:45:00. Actually I should be running a lot more in order to meet this goal, but I just don't have more time to invest. We'll see what happens.

Other Ramblings:

I have a 28K/17.4M long run coming up next Saturday morning. There is also a 10K run on Sunday morning at 9 a.m. I am trying to decide which I should do. The 10K is a local run put on by the Graben Running Club, I run part of the same route on my long runs. It would be a good chance to meet more of the club, maybe I can find someone or a group to run with once in a while. On the other side it is important that I do my long run. Tough decision...maybe I can do both!

Some serious miles there, Jack. Hill work is supposed to make you faster, or so says Runner's World. I know running the hills on the trails really helped me.
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