Monday, June 06, 2005

Two Deaths by Stuttgart Half-marathon

My wife (of course) saw this right away in the newspaper this morning.

Translated and summarized:

"The high festive, record-breaking participation in the Stuttgart Newspaper Run was overshadowed by the death of two runners, 28 and 42 years old, who collapsed near the end of the Stuttgart Halfmarathon course yesterday (Sunday). In both cases they were rushed to the hospital where doctors tried unsuccesfully to revive them. At least one of them had a cold or other illness on race day. Further investigation is under way."

Kind of scary...

Of course this is new ammo for my wife who is paranoid anyway about my running - I had to promise her that I would have another medical check-up before my marathon in September. I'm also not allowed to race with a cold anymore...

p.s. Appointment already made for Friday morning.

My wife has the same concerns evertime she hears about a death in a race. Ofcourse, nobody ever tells their husband to stop eating so much chocolate and Oberto beef jerky when they read about someone dying of a heart attack.

I probably need that checkup too. Got one of those decade milestones coming up.
Better safe than sorry. I made my husband go to the doctor and dentist before our wedding (the only way to get him there!).
People get killed crossing the street, too....guess ya better not leave home, lol.
holy, that is bad. Just last week, in Canmore Alberta, three runners were out for a run, and one was mauled and killed by a grizzly bear. It is good to have a checkup,, but I really believe when its our "time" , its our time, whether we are out running, or sitting on the sofa eating tacos.
Heather, I totally agree...when its our "time" its our time! Personally I think driving the German Autobahns is a much higher risk than overdoing it on a run. Unfortunately my wife doesn't agree with my opinion, so I try to find balance by going along with her wish that I have an annual checkup. At almost 46 years old I guess it's a good idea anyway.
Yep, a checkup's a good idea. But hell, if you love what you're doing, be it running or eating chocolate, yeah there's a risk. But living in any form is a risk! There's no guarantee that not eating chocolate will cause you to live longer. So why not embrace what you love?
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