Monday, June 27, 2005

Official Spessart 10K Race Results

The race results from yesterdays 10K were finally posted on the Internet this morning. My official time 50:02, eleven seconds slower than my PR, not bad considering I wasn’t even trying to go so fast. Anyway I was 19th out of 52 runners, amazing considering I spent most of the first 6K behind the pack. I caught most of them on the uphill, my hill training most be doing some good! There was also 17 walkers that completed the 10K.

The winner, a young whipper-snapper of 20 years old finished in 38:10. The second place runner was a full 1:13 behind him at 39:23! The youngest runner (17) finished in 43:49. The oldest runner (90) finished in last place with a time of 1:22:59. Yes you read that right Ninety (90) years old!! We saw him later getting in his car and driving home. He is my new idol!

The fastest walker finished in 1:12:34, the last in 1:58:00.

Other Ramblings:

Despite my totally satisfying 10K run on Sunday, I actually was a lazy slacker this weekend. Yes, I put off running my 14K/8.7M run on Saturday morning so I could go on a 13K/8M bicycle ride with my wife. I also wanted to get an early start on fixing a window on the front of the house and a few other “chores” that needed to be done. I thought that I would do it later in the day. But as most home improvement projects go, it took longer to finish than expected, was frustrating, required an extra trip to the building supply store etc., the result, no run. Bad Jack.

Yesterday is normally my weight training day. But after the run I had a good nap, we went to the garden until 8 p.m., no training – bad Jack!

I also gained a couple pounds this weekend (is that possible!).

But tonight is another 14K/8.7M training run, tomorrow another weight lifting session, life goes weekend is a 28K/17.4M long run - payback!

How was your weekend?

Doesn't sound slike a "slacking" weekend to me!
Hey, aren't you supposed to rest after a race? :)

Hot weekend for me, but I did get to run.
Sounds pretty busy to me. Heh, I wanna still be running at 90 too!
You are *supposed* to slack after a race, Jack! and it really doesn't sound like you slacked... That's great though that you almost PRed when you weren't trying. You rock!
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