Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Jack's BBQ Tips: Grilled Seasoned Potatoes

We had beautiful weather last weekend, so I was experimenting with some new specialties for the grill. The following dish is healthy, has carbo's, is relatively low-calorie and just tastes fantastic:

Jack’s Grilled Seasoned Potatoes

2 medium to large potatoes (peeled or unpeeled)
2 sprigs of fresh garlic
1 large onion
1 large green pepper
1 large red pepper
olive oil
2 sprigs of thyme(or rosemary)

Servings: 2

You will need two pieces of Aluminum foil large enough to seal in half of the above ingredients.

Slice the potato into thin slices. Chop the garlic and onions into small pieces. Core and cut the peppers into thin slices (I like to cut them in rings). Using a cooking brush or the back of a spoon, generously oil the middle of each piece of foil with the olive oil. Cover an area large enough to set the sliced potatoes on (this will keep them from sticking). On each of the pieces of foil place one of the sliced potatoes. Salt and pepper to taste. Sprinkle half of the chopped garlic and onions on each foil of potatoes. Sprinkle a little olive oil on top, then place a sprig of thyme on top. Seal the foil tightly, being careful not to mess up your creation.

Place the foil packets carefully on a hot grill. If using charcoal or wood ashes, place the packets directly on the coals. Turn the foil packets every minute or two. After around 5 minutes (depending on how hot your fire is) start checking the potatoes every couple minutes to see if they are tender. You can do this by gently prying back the foil of one packet. Be careful not to burn your fingers! The food is done when the potatoes are no longer hard. To serve open the foil and dump your creation on a plate, at this point it does not matter how pretty it looks because it is so hot it will burn you if you hold onto it too long.


1. Use fresh zucchini instead of potatoes. Prepare everything the same way. Turn the packet a little more often and reduce cooking time. For best results stop cooking before the zucchini gets too mushy. A little firmness is good!

2. Have leftover steak, bratwurst etc. from lunch? Chop it up and throw it in!

Jack’s Tips:

1. Make sure your partner and anyone you come in contact with for the rest of the day also eats this dish, otherwise the garlic will keep them away from you.

2. If you are not worried about calories serve the potato version with sour cream sprinkled with a little chive.

Grilled vegetables - a wonderful summertime pleasure! :-)
Jack - thanks! Ever since you mentioned this, I've been CRAVING it!!! It just sounded so fresh and yummy. And, just for The Egg, I'm adding sour cream...he loves it, don't you know :)
Mmmmmmmm! Yummy!

You meanie. :)
Oh Man that sounds wonderful. Do you know how long its been since I had potatoes....
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