Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hill Run and Stress

As I came home from work yesterday afternoon it was ONLY 32C/90F, so I decided to ride my scooter from home to Weingarten where our garden is located (11K) and run my hill route (~14K/8.7M).

I was a bit stiff as I started out, probably because I didn’t take any recovery days after my race on Sunday (you’re right Jon). But once I warmed up and got the 12 minute hill climb out of the way I fell into my groove and the rest of the run felt good. It was still terribly humid, having rained the whole morning, I really felt this the last 15 minutes as I returned to the garden club through the wetlands (moor). It felt like all the air was being sucked out of me or something, I had to slow it down a little.

It is interesting to note that a couple miles of my hill route were the same route used for the 80K run this past weekend. That means the 80K run is not only long, but also over some pretty good hills – file under training notes for the 80K Night Run 2006.

Summary of Last Night's Training:

1 set 15 pushups, 1 set 25 sit-ups;
14K/8.7M run; total time 1:25:49 - hill training.
1 set 15 pushups, 1 set 25 sit-ups;
Cool down.
Conditions: 16:35; 32C/90F, hazy, humid!
Feeling after training: Tired, but muscles okay.

Wake-up weight this morning: 74.5 kg/164 lbs
Weight lost since 01/01/2005: 5.5 kg/12 lbs
Goal weight by the end of June: 74 kg/163 lbs
Goal weight by Christmas: 70 kg/154 lbs
 My Hill Route

My 14K/8.7M Hill Route

Other Ramblings

I have not been sleeping well the last couple weeks, a combination of the heat and the fact that my wife’s job contract ends on July 15th. This is really starting to wear me down, I have trouble concentrating at work (too hot in my office as it is) and since last night it is starting to effect my running. I was pretty well wiped out by the time I finished my run last night (first time in awhile, I've been running strong). Luckily it rained again last night, which cooled it down right before I tried to sleep, I feel better today. The next several days are supposed to cool down some more, thank goodness!

My wife also called earlier this morning from work, she is getting a new two year contract in another office (by Social Services) starting in the middle of August, so she will only be unemployed for 4-5 weeks. I guess we can keep our house a little longer :-)

I hope things will settle down a little now, it’s hard to concentrate on training (and work) when you head is too full!

Glad your wife has another job. I know what you mean - life keeps interfering with my fitness lately! Must not let myself get distracted!
That's great news about the new job! You know, she'll actually be able to relax and have a nice break, knowing she has something lined up already. Maybe she'll take up running!

Also, very cool image. It really "feels" like a long route when it's pictured that way.
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