Friday, June 24, 2005

80K Race in Karlsruhe this Weekend

Yes the 80K/50M Fidelitas Nachtlauf (Fidelitas Night Run) starts tomorrow (Saturday) at 5 p.m. in Karlsruhe, the larger city in my area, but NO I am not seriously considering it this year. I don't know if I could ever find enough TIME to train for something like that.

The run (walking is also offered) is a timed event, you have 16 hours to pass through 16 control points. The course is mostly asphalt, roads, or hard-packed paths through the forest. Difference in elevation from the lowest to highest point, about 310 meters (1000+ feet). Last year there were over 600 participants. The course record is 5 hours and 23 minutes.

The race starts on Saturday and finishes 16 hours later on Sunday. Here is a breakdown of the control points, the idea is that you have to pass through the control points before the clock time indicated:

Control Number – Distance Marker – Clock Time
Start – 0K – 17:00
1 – 4.8K – 17:40
2 – 8.9K – 18:38
3 – 13.7K – 19:40
4 – 18.3K – 20:24
5 – 24.93K – 21:48
6 – 30.13K – 22:55
7 – 35.96K – 00:05
8 – 38.84K – 00:40
9 – 44.77K – 01:50
10 – 49.23K – 02:48
11 – 51.42K – 03:37
12 – 56.31K – 04:17
13 – 61.33K – 05:16
14 – 64.69K – 05:56
15 – 68.13K – 06:40
16 – 72.42K – 07:30
Finish – 80K – 08:45

If you fail to cross one of the control points before the designated times, you are disqualified.

I would really like to do this run, just to see if I can. That said I have to ask myself how do you train for something like this? More importantly, how do you find TIME to train for something like this? I am already investing more time than I should in my running and exercising, I question if I will even have TIME for a marathon next year.

I thought about doing a 50K walk tomorrow, but I have a couple things to fix around the house, so I think this weekend I will just run a 10K race on Sunday...

Ok then! 80k it is! I'm very glad you decided on the 10k. Try not to PR!
80K. I can't even comprehend doing an 80K. That's crazy. Unless they have good aid stations. Then it might be worth it.

Good luck in the 10K on Sunday. I'd like to be there in my running, where I could just pick a race and run it kinda last minute. Right now, I have to build up to it and suffer through injuries and whining first.
80 k?!!? I just can't get that either. Wowza.

You blow me away, Jack. "I thought about doing a 50K walk tomorrow, but I have a couple things to fix around the house..." That puts me in awe and makes me giggle all at the same time. Good luck at your race on Sunday!
An 80k someday seems more plausible to me than thinking about an Ironman someday. A 50k walk, wow.

Have fun whatever you do.
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