Monday, May 02, 2005

Weekend Relaxing

I had a nice warm bath after my long run on Saturday, a big lunch, then we headed out to our garden in the neighboring town for the day. By this time the sun was high in the sky and temperatures were rising, eventually reaching 30C/86F. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. Despite the high mileage session that morning I felt good enough to push the lawnmower, so got that out of the way. Inspired by the beautiful weather I loosened up the beds that I had dug for the potatoes and set them in the ground. By this time I was hungry again – it’s amazing how hungry you are after running for over 3 ½ hours. So I fired up the grill and torched some potatoes, steaks and bratwurst’s. Saturday was “forget about the diet day”, so without further ado we feasted on the fixings, including a couple good salads that my wife had prepared. At some point after this I took a nap, the day’s activities finally catching up to me. We eventually stayed till about 8 p.m.

Yesterday was beautiful day part II, another day of 30C/86F temperatures and sunshine. Other than an after-lunch walk we spend the day relaxing (read – being lazy) in the garden. Of course my definition of relaxing is pulling weeds in the garden, so I did this for a couple hours. Of course with the blue sky’s and sunshine I took the opportunity to work on this year’s sunburn – of course having a hair style very similar to Mark’s this can be painful – ouch ;-)

Tonight my wife is at her English class, so I will probably run a slow easy 14K/8.7M. Ditto on Wednesday. Thursday is a holiday and Friday my company is closed so I have to cram 5 days of work into three. Saturday I’m participating with 69 other people from my company in the Baden Mile race (8.88889 K). It is supposed to cool back down and rain most of the week and weekend. Fine by me – but my coworkers are already complaining about it – the wimps!

I found a “Trail Running” magazine in the train station bookstore this morning on the way to work – can’t wait to take a look at it. Happy running!

Marathon notes: Countdown - 19 day 8 hours 39 minutes. The Mannheim marathon is a “city” course, in other words through the streets and trails around Mannheim and surrounding towns. According to the description of the route it is all paved (concrete, asphalt or cobblestone). Not my favorite surface, I’m sure my legs will let me know how unhappy they are about this after 42.2 K’s.

Sounds like a perfect weekend - run well, relax well.

And I have never had an opportunity to run on cobblestone but it sounds kind of unpleasant.
I had to run over cobblestone street a lot while in the military here in Germany - it's very hard on the shins and knees.
steak and bratwurts - yummy. as for the sunburn well even people with my hair style can run into problems. I had a severe burn up there after skiing for 3 days without a hat when it was warm enough to ski in short.

Happy Running. :-)
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