Saturday, May 21, 2005

Tonight's the Night

After getting home at 1:15 a.m., I had a restless sleep until about 8 a.m. I layed in bed for a while and went through my packing list, things to do before the race, race strategy and a hundred zillion other things for about an hour.

My wonderful coworker G. sat in our small office Wednesday and sneezed and coughed the whole day long. I was paranoid the whole time that I would catch it. The last two days, no problem, this morning Ka-chooo - sore throat, stuffed nose, a little sinus discomfort. Why does this have to happen to me? Whining never got me anywhere - at least I don't have fever and am still in the early stages of a cold. The run is still a go! I only have to REALLY watch my speed and not try to set any records.

The weather, let's see (open window, stick head outside), rain - nothing gentle about, pouring rain in the moment. Adjusted prediction (from the weather service) around race time, temperatures around 24C/75F, 80% chance of rain (wow big surprise:)

In my running bag is enough clothing to survive everything outside of sub-zero weather so I only have to see what the weather is doing about a half-hour before the race.

The race starts at 6:15 p.m (12:15 EST = lunch time). Somebody eat some pasta for me!

Other than a couple minor discomforts, e.g. a new cold and rain, I am feeling really good. I had a couple really long nights sleep the last couple nights, in anticipation of less sleep last night, so feel good!

I will be thinking about all of you tonight, thank's for the support! Wish me luck!!

Look for my first post on the race around noon on Sunday (Easter Standard Time).

You will run strong,Jack. You are so prepared and ready. I can't wait to read the full report:)
Best of luck! Enjoy the day :-)
It's so exciting! I can't wait to hear all about it. - Mia
Rooting for you, Jack! Can't wait to read about it!
Give me a J, Give me an A, Give me a C, Give me a K. Go Jack Go.
Good luck, Jack!

(Good grief I'm so late, the guy is probably done already!)
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