Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Thomas, Butterflies, and Beautiful Women

It’s no big secret that training for a marathon takes a heavy toll on the body, always trying to make the body go a little bit further, a little bit faster and so on. But it is also a big mind game, especially from the side controlling the emotions. When I started my blog I figured I might as well talk about some of those crazy emotional roller coasters that I ride along the way too.

I took another night off from running tonight, so was out weeding the garden. Although the sun was shining it was still kind of chilly tonight, so the garden club was almost empty. So with no one to talk to my mind started drifting off across the fields, I made a couple note:

Do any of you know Thomas? You know, that little dude that sits behind your right ear before race day and says thing like: “You didn’t train enough!” “You’re too fat to run a marathon!” “You’re too slow!” or whatever. Thomas is a child of satan that tries to steal your peace and confidence – don’t turn your back on him!

Now I know ya’ll know about butterflies, those pesky little things related to Thomas that seem to continuously churn up meals and keep you awake at night as the race nears. I’ve heard of some people who lost their butterflies right before a race because they were so nervous – so make a note to keep your mouth closed right before a race, or at least stay away from people.

Beautiful women, what do they have to do with pre-race stress? Glad you asked – as I was riding my scooter to the garden and back tonight I saw at least 10-15 beautiful female joggers out doing their thing. I mean even on the running trails that I use – now how come I never see any of these when I’m out training. Nooo, they must have all heard that drooling Jack is tapering so think it’s safe to come out now ;-)

Well, actually I don’t drool (unless I drink too much?). The weather is warmer now, the people want to squeeze into the swimwear…blah-blah. What I really want to say is that I feel guilty that I’m not out running. Somehow it just doesn’t feel right not being out there pounding the ground 60K/40M+ a week.

But we all have heard tapering is vital to finishing strong! It's all about kicking Thomas's butt, without losing your butterflies, so afterwards you can wow those beautiful (wo)men!

Somebody do an extra lap for me please!

I never, ever notice those women. Ever. Not me. Nope. ;)
Judging by all the withdrawl symptoms you keep writing about, it sounds to me like you've become a serious running addict! I can't wait to read your marathon report. :-)
I love your post, had me laughing. Especially considering my "Jitters" post not too long ago. Sourpuss Sally is the B*tch that sits on my shoulder telling me I can't do it. She'd probably get along well with Thomas. As for the butterflies, well I was once told just make em fly together and you will do fine.

Now the sights, ah yes one of the reasons I love to run. Forget men with brooms (movie), men in tights (spandex)are better.

As for you race, Jack, you will do just fine! Thomas will be left way behind at the start and the women at the end will be smiling!
Jack, my little shoulder demon is 'Negative Nellie' and she has a sharp little tongue...nasty thing! I would have to agree with Neca though, sounds like you've joined the club of the addicted runners. :) I'll bet you kick butt on the Marathon.
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