Sunday, May 29, 2005

Running Again!

First a note: I have posted the Mannheim Marathon pictures that I have on my website. I hope I can find more as time goes on. I will also be adding training information, feedback and other information as I organize this.

I wanted to do my first run last night, but with temperatures reaching 35C/95F and staying there until 8 p.m. I decided to wait until this morning. I did ride my bicycle to the garden and back (23K/14M). I also spent about 4 hours weeding in the midday sun. My wife (who drove the air-conditioned car) reminded me a couple times (from her lounge chair in the shade) that I was the only crazy person out in the hot sun working at 95F. Hmmm, I enjoyed it. And my sunburn really isn’t tooo bad;-)

This morning at 7 a.m., with the temperature already reaching 27C/80F I ran 9.3K/5.8M, at a nice easy pace. My legs were really stiff, but I didn’t notice any pain or cramps.

I am evaluating my running plan for Marathon II in September. I am starting to think that I need to do most of my long runs at marathon pace and on asphalt. While training for my first marathon (Marathon I) I ran most of my long runs at a 6:30/K (10:35/M) pace or slower. Then I tried running Marathon I at an average pace of 6:10/K (9:58/M), but with a couple under 5:38/K (9:03/M). Add a few other facts like warmer temperatures, high humidity, rain, wind, hard road surface (as opposed to 60% trail), and that it was a night race (my long runs were early morning) and you have a recipe for too fast of a pace for conditions. My wall came way too early!

So a couple more weeks of relative easy running, then back to serious training for Marathon II (September 18th).

A couple other notes:

Mom – My mom is still in the hospital after breaking her hip. She has reoccurring fever, so the doctors are delaying her release until they find the cause and stabilize this. Otherwise she is doing well, can walk with help with a walker and has high spirits. My dad is also doing well, an older brother is staying with him and between the two of them (and a few casseroles from the church ladies) they are not starving.

Weight training – Slow start, it’s been too hot (good excuse) and I haven’t worked out a routine yet.

Swimming – Also a slow start, the heat wave is making going to the pool to do laps unpractical, the pool is just too crowded. I will have to try different times to find out when the pool is not so full.

Tomorrow – Back to work, vacation was nice! Work means breaks and lunch hours, which means I have time to catch up on Blogging. Sorry I have been neglecting y’all!

Hope you mom is better soon.
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