Thursday, May 19, 2005

Relaxing 101

After a rather stressful 12 hour work day yesterday I finally made it home. I went on a short 35 minute run. My sweety already had her feet up on the couch by this time and I couldn’t pry her off to accompany me with her bicycle – that’s okay after my long day a run alone helped me to calm down.

So now I have two relax days before my marathon on Saturday. My main goals are to get lots of sleep, eat healthy, and stay off the feet as much as possible.

I managed to sleep almost 11 hours, I think that’s a new PR for me ;-)

Now I catching up on some e-mail, blog reading etc. I ordered a beginner’s book on weight lifting and body toning from Amazon. As part of my post-marathon training I want to move more in a total body fitness direction.

Mom update: I called my dear mom yesterday, she is doing good. She had a rough Tuesday after having a negative reaction to one of her medications, but the doctor has corrected this, gave her a pint of blood to boost her strenght, so she was feeling better yesterday. They got her on her feet a couple times and are trying to teach her to walk with help of a “Walker” to support herself. Once her strength has improved they will move her to a local nursing home, where she will go through “Rehab”. If all goes well she should be home by the middle to end of June.

Weather prognosis for Saturday: Summer is going to fall on us all at once, Saturday is supposed to be around 25-27°C/80°F+, sunny in the morning changing to thunderstorms in the evening = high humidity and maybe windy. My marathon starts at 6:15 p.m. so I am not thrilled with this at all. I would have preferred 15°C/60°F. But I’ve trained in just about any weather imaginable, so I only have to figure out what to wear.

I’m still not nervous about my marathon yet, I’ve done a pretty good job on isolating it in my thinking so far. But with two days home I’m sure doubting Thomas will start whispering in my ear again, especially Saturday morning. I'll probably read Dianna's blog again about her marathon experience, somehow this always incourages me.

I feel good this morning, I have a little creaking in my shoulders, from sitting at my desk too long yesterday. I feel fat, because I gained 2-3 lbs the last two weeks, and just haven’t been running so much. My legs are surprisingly tight, I thought they would be loose and well rested, but they feel the opposite. But the short run last night was almost effortless, I hardly felt like I had gotten started and I was done, I guess this is a good sign.

Thank you everyone for your many words of encouragement, this means so much to me!!!!!!!!! Happy running.

Doubting Thomas needs a muzzle!
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