Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Recovering from a Large Meal

We had a great night last night, I took my wife to a new restaurant that we heard about, the Andreasbraeu (Andreas Brewery). The Andreasbraeu has a large restaurant, beer garden, great steaks and their own in-house brewery. Their apple strudel is out of this world. We’re talking major calorie input here!

Tonight sweety has school so I want to run for an hour to work off some of those calories.

The Andreas Brewery has a pretty cool Webpage at - Click on Html-Seiten or Flash-Seiten (if you have a Flash player) to enter. The site is in German, but you can probably figure out a lot of it.

Yep cool website. Despite the fact I haven't used my german since 1973(took a cours in university) I was able to figure out the link for the menu but I am afraid I would likeley be surprised by whatever I From your description sounds like a great place to eat. Yummy.
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