Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Oops! Corrected facts!

I goofed on the number of overall finisher’s for the Mannheim marathon 2005. The website listed the men and women in two separate lists. Here are the corrected figures:

Total number signed up for marathon: 2847
Total number that finished marathon (within 5:30 time limit):2238 (1916 men and 322 women)
Total that did not finish (DNF) within the time limit (or at all): 609

Note that the marathon had a 5:30 time limit, after this time limit the clock was shut off. It is still possible that some of the 609 participants did in fact finish, it was just not recorded.

The local newspapers were reporting that no new records were set this year due to the high humidity factor. I'll go along with that.

Here are the winners:


1. John Rotich (Kenya) 2:19:34
2. Gamachu Roba (Ethiopia) 2:21:13
3. Aleksandar Aleksandrov (Bulgaria) 2:30:06


1. Rymiana Panovska (Bulgaria) 3:00:06
2. Marion Hebding (Germany) 3:05:08
3. Julia Alter (Germany) 3:09:00

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