Monday, May 02, 2005

A Nice 9K Tempo Run

By the time I got home today it was 31C/88F and the horizon was turning gray. As we are expecting thunderstorms tonight I decided to shorten my run somewhat. So rather than my 14 slow easy K’s (8.7 miles) I decide to run about 9-10 at a faster pace. So after about a 5 minute jog, I started out at about a 5:30/K (about 8:50/mile) pace. I guess my almost two days of rest must of helped, cause I finished the first 5K’s in 26:10, which figures out to 5:14/K (8:25/mile). As it was getting pretty humid out I decided to slow it down a bit before I pull a muscle or something. I finished the last 4K’s at about the same amount of time. I guess this was good training for my 8.88889K Baden Mile race on Saturday.

Statistics are fun, here are a few facts:

Monthly totals:
Jan. 105K/65M
Feb. 200K/124M
Mar. 245K/152M
Apr. 275K/171M

Year to date: 825K/513M

Happy running:-)

Wow, look at those stats. Well done, Jack.
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