Friday, May 13, 2005

Much Too Much Time on My Hands

Yeah me again. I'm sitting at my work desk during lunch break trying not to think about running. I checked the Internet to see when the pool in my area is open the week following my marathon, read all my regular blogs etc. Then I took a look at Dianna’s (Running Chick) posts for the weeks prior to her marathon - some good tidbit's in there! She made a good point that one shouldn't read about "other" marathon training programs during tapering - a "classic" rookie mistake. I almost fell into this trap last weekend, but the little golden angel in my left ear (let's call her Barbie) told me that I would regret it. Barbie saved the day. The week before the marathon is not the time to be analyzing my mistakes. I mean Thomas is already giving me enough trouble – I just hope Barbie is a tall blond Amazon chick that can beat Thomas into pulp before we’re done here.

But anyway, Dianna talks about feeling great on the run’s during taper time. I can really relate to that. I am better rested, have more energy, and get out there and kick butt on my runs. I only ran 32K/21M last week, about half of what I ran my final training week. This week I’ll probably get in about the same, and next week about half of that. In other words less mileage, but with somewhat greater intensity. I ran about 10K last night in about 55 minutes, which is a pace of 5:30/K (8:51/M), roughly my half-kilometer race pace. But I felt really good afterward, ready to go another round :-)

For some reason reading Dianna's pages have calmed down the butterflies for the time being. It really is reassuring to know that I’m not the only one who has gone through “taper madness”. Thanks Dianna, you’ve helped me more than you probably realized!

Heh, it's lunch over here now and I'm eating a spinach salad while I read my favorite blogs. I had a good laugh picturing Barbie beating Thomas to a
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