Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Moving On

Race day is history, the old body is in recovery phase. So what’s next for Stanley “Jack” Niles, marathon finisher?

I have a couple definite goals in mind:

1. Reach my ideal weight. My doctor seems to think my ideal weight is between 68-70 kg (149-150 lbs). I’m 67 inches tall (170 cm). One Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator that I use indicates that I should bring my weight down to about 70 Kg (155 lbs). This is my goal. As my current weight is 77 kg (170 lbs), I need to lose 7 kg (15 lbs) to reach this goal.

2. Start a weight training program. Here I’m a virgin, I’ve never had the pleasure. I would like to join a gym, get started on a personal training plan etc. Just to get in the door at a fitness center in my area cost’s about $80 a month. My wife is getting laid off work in July so this is not an option at this time. Plan B: I ordered a book called “Weight Training at Home” by Tony Gallagher. A real beginner’s book, pictures, tips the whole works. Yesterday we purchased a pretty solid looking barbell, a couple good dumbbells, and some steel weights - all interchangeable. I can purchase more weights as needed.

I would welcome any “Weight Training for Dummies” advice here!

3. I want to improve my swimming. I am a self-taught swimmer. I can do laps in my crude generic paddle. If my wife finds work right away I may invest in some swimming lessons. Otherwise, watch out here I come. In any case I think it is a good idea to incorporate at least one day of swimming into my training program.

4. I want to work routine bicycling into my overall fitness program.

5. I want a new PR in September when I run the Baden Marathon!

Actually it would be more accurate to list most of these as objectives of my ultimate goal of achieving total body fitness. Oh whatever, I have lots of work ahead of me anyway.

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, I spent 3 hours in the garden cutting the grass, pulling weeds etc. I also took a 30 minute walk, including about a 5 minute jog. The jog reminded me that my legs still are not ready for any real stress. Take it easy Jack!

Today it is supposed to warm up to 27C/80F, its is already sunny with blue skies. Gorgeous! I am thinking about riding my bicycle to the garden (11K/7M).

p.s. I have developed the pictures that my wife took before the marathon. Pictures of the marathon itself will be available around May 28th from a company that was contracted for this. I only need to find an easier way to post these.

Sounds like you won't be wanting for activity this summer! I too feel like I should be improving my overall fitness but I have a hard time branching out.

Your time in the garden sounds nicely restorative.
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