Monday, May 16, 2005

Mom Update

I finally got hold of both my mom (at the hospital) and my dad (at home) both are doing well. My mom sounds really good, she was even joking with the physical therapist that he has to get her in shape so she can run with me on Saturday. Gosh you have to admire those tough old farmer wives! Anyway it looks like a week in the hospital, a week of rehab. and then maybe home. I have an older brother that's staying with my father for awhie, so if one of them can figure out how to cook they will be okay.

Thanks for caring!

I just finished a 45 minute run, half-marathon pace. I still feel good enough to go on a long run!

Anyway, I'm ready to rock & roll on Saturday. I only work two days this week, then two days of being lazy. Friday night we're going to an outdoor theather for a musical, this will be a good distraction.

Glad to hear that mom's doing well...Sounds like she is 'strong like bull.' =)
I'm glad you were able to contact them. It must be hard to be so far away.
And the race? Countin' down the days, now:)
Just read about your Mom, Jack. I'm glad she's doing better. I would think early recovery is most critical for that, and sounds like she will be ok. Isn't it crazy how the rest of the world falls apart when you can't be there? :)

Hope the rest of the week goes smoothly for you.
I'm glad to hear that your mom is mending and has such a good outlook. Is your dad within casserole delivery distance of me??
*Picturing your brother & dad cooking* Hope your mom doesn't go home to a sink full of burnt Glad she is doing ok.
Finally! I can see you! Sorry to hear about your mom. I love that she's clowing around about running with you - she sounds like a real "Jack" kind of character! I'm going to be out of town for a few days this week, but I'll be checking in to wish you good luck as soon as I get home Friday night, and of course, I'll be stalking you all weekend waiting for an update! Take care - Mia
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