Friday, May 06, 2005

Just Being Lazy

Yesterday (Thursday) was a holiday in Germany, today my company was closed so I had some time to chill out. My wife is visiting an aunt in Nuremberg, so the house is too quiet. I took a 30K/18M ride on my mountain bike through the neighboring forests. This was great until it started pouring rain. I skidded in the mud going around an obstacle and banged my left hip - it's kind of sore today. I slept in today, caught up on my reading, made some homemade meatballs for lunch etc. It rained almost the whole day, we even had hail at one point.

Tomorrow at 3 p.m. is my 8.8889K Baden Mile run. The weather, you guessed it, more rain!! I'm curious how many people from my company show up? I am looking forward to the run anyway, I didn't run the last couple days so feel rusty. After the run my company participants are meeting at a beer garden for a little liquid refreshment. As this is not too far from the train station my wife is going to meet me there tomorrow.

Anyone else racing this weekend?

Mysterious ways. You wanted to run this slower because of tapering, and with a bruised hip and rain, it looks like you'll be getting some help with that! Have fun tomorrow and please, for all that is good, have a beer for me. :)
Let's see, Karlsruhe....If I remember correctly, there's a great little gasthaus down the road from where Smiley Barracks used to be. I spent many evenings there:)
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