Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A few Statistics from "The Marathon"

Total number signed up for marathon: 2847
Total number that finished marathon (within 5:30 time limit):1916
Total that did not finish (DNF) within the time limit (or at all): 931

My ranking 1842/1916

My time for first half of marathon: 2:12:17
Average pace for first half: 6:16/K (10:05/M)

My time for second half of marathon: 2:58:39
Average pace for second half: 8:28/K (13:38/M)

My time for marathon: 5:10:56
Average pace for marathon: 7:22/K (11:51/M)

Considering how much I walked (or think that I walked) I am a bit amazed that I still averaged 8:28/K (13:38/M) the second half, I thought it was a lot slower.

I also am amazed at how many DNF - can this be true? I wonder...

Those numbers tell a powerful story, Jack. And your list in the previous post will be helpful to you. The running at night is interesting. I find that my evening runs are never as good as my morning ones. Glad you are getting up and around.
I agree with Susan - I did a long run at night once. It was horrific. I'm clearly a morning runner! I am so excited for you!
Very surprising numbers. That's alot of DNF's. I think this was no ordinary race, Jack.
interesting stats...congrats on finishing!
Yeah, it sounds like you weren't the only one caught by the course and conditions. It's so awesome that you persevered and made it happen!
- Mia
Interesting stats. And I like your ponderings. It is always good to learn what went wrong and why.

Me I'm not good at running in the mornings and I know I have to get up and do a few more of those, I just like sleeping in too much.
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