Thursday, April 28, 2005

Tripping over Negative Emotions

So 23 days 4 hours 49 minutes and 10 seconds before my first marathon. Today I am on a down swing emotionally. I am getting piles upon piles of new work at work, our garden keeps trying to get my attention, my training is maxing out, my wife's work contract expires in 10 weeks. Lots of stuff in the head, coupled with pushing the limit physically. I haven’t slept good the last couple nights…it’s a hard week.

On the other side after this weekend I can start cutting down on the mileage, we have a holiday next Thursday and my company is closed on Friday, so I’ll have time to catch up on the weeding, get a couple hours more sleep and maybe even relax. Okay my Baden Mile Run is coming up next Saturday, but I can do that in my sleep, I only have to chant “no need for speed” as I go.

Work, well it almost normal to be surrounded by piles of work, I’d worry if it wasn’t that way. After my marathon I can put in lots of overtime:) Now if only my wife would have some luck finding a new job – at least she gets up to a year’s unemployment. Okay, I feel better now, I can get back to work, thanks for listening.

You're welcome. Having a blog is a great way to release those thoughts out into the universe. :-)
yikes. Hang in there!
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