Monday, April 18, 2005

Trail Running Part II

In an effort to distract my mind from considering another long run tonight I was looking over a list of trail runs that are offered in my area. I think I found a worthy goal for next summer: The International Mountain Run Contest in May, 2006.

The distance: 9.5 Kilometers (5.9 miles)
Difference in altitude: 805 meters (2641 feet)
Course record: 39:12 (male); 47:10 (female)

The advertising says something to the effect that this run is not for the faint-hearted. I know this trail, I can hardly imagine walking the trail, let alone running. Like I said it's a worthy goal for next year:)

This run is one in a series of mountain runs that comprise the International Black Forest Mountain Run Contest. Trail running at it's best.

My first problem is to find some hills to train on. "Hey honey, we have to sell the house and move to the Black Forest..."

Other things that help you train for trail running include running barefoot on the beach (ankle strength), doing squats and step-ups, lunges, and lots of things that involve getting a bit unbalanced. If you find decent hills to use for training, be sure to train a lot of running DOWN the hills, too. Folks tend to do well going uphill, or they walk, but lots of people get skitchy about going downhill. There's the trick of it all.

Your marathon will be astounding! Take it easy. Change nothing on race day. Remember to keep things simple. Drink. Fun. It's about fun, right?
Glad you have bounced back from the bad run. I've made many of those same mistakes! this year has been much easier thanks to all those mistakes I made last year! :-O Your Sunday sounds terrific!
To add to Chris's comment, some other things that will help you train are getting run over by a cement truck and then being thrown from a cliff because trail running just kicks the poo poo out of you!

Seriously, the only thing that helps my trail running, is running on trails. But, I just started so its hard to tell if I'm doing this right or not.
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