Thursday, April 28, 2005

This is Why I Run

In my earlier post today I had hit a low, I had just gotten out of a lengthy discussion with an important jerk at work who had trouble expressing exactly what he wanted with something I was preparing for him. After three zillion revisions and a pint of my blood he finally settled on a version that I think is crap – enough said.

Anyway when I got home I was wiped out, I mean zero energy, pooped. So I did probably the smartest thing that I could have done, I downed an energy bar, took a few swigs of my favorite sports bar, warmed up, saddled up and hit the trail. After an easy 10-15 minutes I fell into a comfortable tempo, stopped looking at my stop watch and just let my feet and heart just carry me along. Somehow the weather was just right, the tempo just right, I let my head clear – by the time I got home I was feeling so well that I considered doing my long run tonight.

But folks this is why I run, to rid myself of those little piles of poop that collect in my head all day and start clogging up the system until I feel like screaming or writing blog alerts that indicate I’m losing my mind. When I get out there and find that special groove like tonight, I feel like I can just glide right along forever. Gosh I needed that tonight!

But bloggers I appreciate you comments too. Let’s face it we all have our ups and downs, and sometimes it just means everything to be able say “hey universe – life sucks in the moment” and hear a little blogger voice come back with “yikes. Hang in there!”

p.s. Thanks N & M – I love you guys!

Yikes! Hang in there, Jack. :)
Yay for hanging in there. And I understand, running is what keeps me from having psychotic episodes! Okay, maybe not - but I am much more pleasant to be around when I am eating healthy food and exercising the machine.
There are so many great things about running...and finding that groove that clears up the cobwebs (or poop) is near the top of the list. Cleansing thru running.
If life was perfect I probably wouldn't need to run.
I agree. I agree. I feel like I'm on hold right now...but coming out of a fog. Running helps...supportive comments too. Hope things improve for you:)
ahhhh, and you are adored! Glad it's looking up today. Did you know Richard (Running Toward Fitness) is in Germany right now? ( He wrote something about his first run there, you should go check it out and see if it's anywhere near you. I mean, yeah, I get it, Germany is a whole *country* he's probably not right down the street from you, but kind of cool anyway! - Mia
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