Monday, April 18, 2005

Taking care of Unfinished Business

Being a stubborn, ornery, strong willed type I could not relax until I did something about my rather disappointing run on Saturday. So ignoring all logical training sense (and maybe common sense) I strapped on my shoes tonight and ran 30K's (18.6 miles)! My time 3:17:34 - pace 6:35/K (10:36/mile).

My legs ache, but my confidence has been restored:)

p.s. Look for number 3140 on May 21st! Can anybody guess where :->

hehe. I like your attitude.
You signed up! How exciting this is... oh, I can't wait to live through you! I'm going to borrow some of that stubbornness that will tell me I don't have to stop running yet. - Mia
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