Friday, April 08, 2005

Storm Clouds Gathering

The end of a long hard week of work, it was nice to hit the trail and run my 14K/8.7 route. The weather is also crazy, I started my run with sunshine and blue skies, was rained on by the halfway point and returned to sunshine and blue skies. Temperatures were around 13C/55F, this morning 5C/41F. Its crazy, the body is having a hard time adjusting to the rapid weather change. Mixed with lots of work and overtime at my job, I am worn out as I right. Luckily I have no long runs or races this weekend, I can at least rest the body a bit. Next weekend is 30K/19M long run, so a little rest and recovery is in order. It is supposed to rain the next few days, good time to catch up on the odd jobs around the house.

One of the local sport stores had a sale on running shorts, shirts and jackets on Thursday. I went to work an hour later so I could be at the door when they opened. They sold out in 3 minutes! I was able to get 4 each shirts and shorts and a running jacket. All CoolMax breathable stuff, all I need now is warm weather to use it:->. Running is really catching on as a form of exercise here in Germany, so when the clothes go on sale you have to be fast (the training helpsīŠ Happy Running

Wow, that's a serious score on the clothing. When I find something that works, I try to get a bunch of the same ones. I made the mistake of getting ONE perfect shirt, and ONE perfect running pant, once before, and now I can't find them anymore, so I always stock up when I stumble across something.
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