Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Statistical Update

I was just looking at a few statistics to date:

Total kilometers ran: 590 (~366 miles)
Total kilometers ran in competition: 62.2 (~38miles)
Number of days ran: 38
Weight lost: 3 kilogram (goal = 10) or 6.6 lbs (goal = 22 lbs)

Goal Status:

New PR in Baden Mile: May - old PR 51:21
New PR in 10K: Not completed - old PR 50:35
New PR in Half-marathon: Complete - 1:53:29
First Marathon: May or September
Run 2000 Kilometers: 590 completed
Lose 10kg (22lbs): 3kg/6.6lbs completed

Those are pretty good stats. You've run as many miles as I have Kms. :-)
...and you've ran as many miles I have steps ...

... just kidding! :)

Great work!
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