Monday, April 18, 2005

Relaxation is an Afternoon on the Rhine

Yesterday was ladies day and my wife wanted to go to the Rhine River for lunch. The Rhine is about 20 minutes from us by car, on nice days we sometimes we take the bikes. As it had rained all morning we elected to drive the car. My wife likes to go to a cafeteria-style restaurant located near a ferry crossing. They have a nice terrace set up where you can sit and watch the boats and barges flow by. So we had a nice lunch and walked along the river for about an hour. The sun came out off and on, turning it into a sauna outside, but still it was nice. A lot of people were out walking, taking advantage of the break in weather. We passed fisherman trying their luck, pairs sitting along the banks holding hands, plus a flood of dog walkers, Sunday walkers and other assorted types. Hmm didn’t notice any joggers…

We stopped back at the restaurant for cake and coffee – a very typical thing to do in Germany on a Sunday afternoon. All and all a very relaxing day, somehow I really needed this after my frustrated run from the day before.

Tonight my wife has her English class, so I want to run for awhile. I find myself having to resist the urge to try my 30K run again tonight. Is this normal? As I write it is 33 days, 7 hours and 40 minutes until the Mannheim Marathon – did I sign up? No not yet. Am I going too, well… ;)

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