Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Recovery, German Junk Day and other Nonsense

I did some light stretching last night, I am quite stiff after my double long run adventure this weekend. I wouldn’t recommend this for most people, I know I took a big risk. But my body seems to be dealing with it, as I said I am stiff, but no real pain – I can even climb stairs. Some of you will understand that :)

Today is “Junk Day” in my area of Germany. For any of you who may have been connected to the military overseas in Germany you probably heard about this. About 3-4 times a year the residents can clean out their old furniture and junk and set it out on the street at night, whereas it will be picked up by the garbage collectors the next day and recycled. As some people junk is another’s treasure, the streets in my town were busy last night with people picking through the “junk”. I took advantage of the opportunity and threw out all my old plywood cut-offs from my woodworking shop. A half-hour later I saw some guy filling the back of his car with some of the better pieces. I took a look around town on my bicycle. I like to pick up old wooden chairs and restore them – I can sell them at the flea market in the summer.

Tonight I have a nice slow 14K/8.7Mi recovery run on the calendar, maybe it will help get rid of some of the stiffness. I have one more long run coming up on the 30th, a 32K/20Mi run. Then tapering until May 21.

Oh, the 8.88889K/5.5Mi “Baden Mile” (Badischemeile) run is coming up on 3 p.m. Saturday, May 7th. I hear a lot of discussion about it during lunch lately. There are 70 people from my company signed up, 66 runners, 3 walkers, and 1 wheelchair participant. We should be getting the running shirts with the company logo next week. Most of the company participants are planning to meet at a nearby restaurant after the race, we did this last year also, a few stayed until closing time. Sounds like fun! Happy running :->

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