Thursday, April 21, 2005

Raindrops Keep Fallin’

A very fitting title to my run last night. Yesterday it rained the whole day, a slow nerve-provoking drizzle that super saturated the landscape, and probably led most hobby-joggers to pursue other sports or reform the surface of the sofa. Of course this old raised-on-the-farm, front-line soldier doesn’t know the meaning of bad weather, so suited up appropriately against the challenging weather and headed out for a 14K/8.7M recovery run.

The first few K’s were asphalt or crushed stone, so presented no real hazard other than a few wide puddles and the risk of slipping on a trail-blazing snail. By KM 3 it got interesting, old tractor trail through the fields, slippery mud and deep puddles – hmmm do I see trail shoes in my future. Through the fields, along the wood line, than another KM of asphalt. Then I turned the corner and plunged into the forest, fairly solid trails – crushed stone here and there, centuries of fallen evergreen needles, mud, leaves – soft, springy, joy!

The air was clean, fresh, full of spring smells, newness, nice. The trees were greening, the evergreens fragrancing – the forest still, only the sound of gentle falling rain, an occasional bird singing and the rhythmic falling of my feet. How lucky I am to experience this miracle of life on the run. How can anyone stay home on a day like this?

The countdown continues: 30 Days 7 Hours 49 Minutes 28 Seconds

Ha! Runners are funny - any excuse to get new equipment. :)
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