Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Pre-race Jitters for a Training Run?

For some reason I am starting to get butterflies in my stomach about my 30K/18.6M long run on Saturday. This is the one that will determine if I run the Mannheim Marathon on May 21st! I actually have one more long run (32K/20M) run on April 30th, but I have to sign up for the marathon by April 29th. So Saturday is a big day for this old body.

I want to run my 14K/8.6M run tonight and maybe a shorter run tomorrow night, but at a nice easy pace – no speed work this week. I have already ordered pasta for the latter part of the week from my personal chef. I disinfected my CamelBak last night ... trying to get everything ready for the long run. I’ve never had pre-race nervousness for a training run before, is this normal? Can anyone relate to this, or am I finally losing my mind?

p.s. I found a neat FLASH map of the Mannheim Marathon route. Push the button "Marathon - Strecke" and follow the blue marker. Pictures of some of the highlights along the way will pop-up (you probably need a FLASH player).

The link: http://www.marathonmannheim.de/flash/Streckenplan/main.htm

For what its worth, I get nervous before every long run I do - the fact that I am running in my neighborhood doesn't make a bit of difference. I have no idea why I feel this way, but it has been a constant since I began running long distances.
I get nervous before lots of things, especially presentations, races, parties. Long time ago someone told me if ya get "butterflies", that's just fine. Teach them to fly together...funny just thinking about that always relaxes me somewhat. And heh, you run well, you will do just fine on that long run. One way to do it is just keep running til ya hit the half way point and then you have no choice but to go alllllllllll the way back. :-)
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