Monday, April 11, 2005

My Scooter

AJ (Brave Athena) has been looking at scooters lately, thought I would show y'all what I drive in the summer. It's a 49cc, 2-stroke scooter from CPI, model Popcorn. Top speed about 45KPH, cheap to run, and lots of fun. I use it mostly for running errands, going to the garden (the garden is 11K/6M away) in the summer etc.

That's cool! I want one for driving to the park for my runs. I guess its a little expensive for something like that.
That looks like soooo much fun!
Oh, that is so nice--a very good looking scooter, Jack! Yay!! And, no, I wouldn't want to take that on the highway or the autobahn...
VJ has been getting me all excited about those scooters and now you too!! Actually the last time I rode one WAS in high school in Germany.
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