Monday, April 25, 2005

My Better Half

Me, me, me, always talking about me...well today I want to introduce my lovely wife of almost 17 years (next week), Elvira. She is the concrete that holds this old ruin together!

Congrats in advance - hope you have a great anniversary!
Aha! So that's the poor woman who puts up with your insanity (running back to back races!). Probably has to listen to the creaks and groans in the morning too?

Poor dear. She gets a medal for all that. :)
(adding to Jon's) Or at least some "blingbling".

Wow 17 years - congrats to you both.
Seventeen years is certainly something to celebrate ... congrats!
ahh! Lovely. :) And hey, next week is also *our* anniversary - 13 years. Well, 7 for married, 13 for being together. Lucky lucky us! - Mia
She must be a wonder to be so supportive. Congrats Jack.
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