Friday, April 22, 2005

Marathon Planning

I was talking to a friend in my company this morning that ran a marathon last year, and is currently training with a running club for a marathon in June. He did a quick analysis of the training plan that I have been following and pronounced me fit for a first marathon. He offered several tips for getting over the finish line:

- Start slow.
- Run the first half slower than the second.
- Drink at least a little at every station.
- After 10K start eating bananas or whatever is offered every repeat every 10K.
- Be careful not to get too close to the sidelines, someone tripped him up on his last HM.
- Don’t be afraid to take walk breaks.
- Bring your own snacks, sometimes they run out, especially important for slower runners!
- Don’t worry about finding a toilet along the way, just whip it out and pee where you please (but not on the running path please :-O
- Forget about speed, just run and have FUN! A PR becomes relevant with Marathon II

Like me, you’ve probably heard a lot of this before, but it still helps hearing it from someone who has been there.

I was looking over the website for the Mannheim Marathon. Every 5K is an aid station with sport drinks, water, bananas, etc. Beginning at the 2.5K there is a water station every 5K. So there will be something to drink every 2.5K. Based on this I think I will leave my CamelBak at home.

Tomorrow we are going to Mannheim so I can check out the area and, as promised, my wife can check out the stores (glad I don’t have a long run scheduled this week ;-)

Tonight I am going to take an easy run on my 14K/8.7M loop, then kill some weeds in the garden. Have a nice weekend!

Marathon countdown: 29 days 9 hours 26 minutes 6 seconds

Hey Jack, I'd say that is all very good advice. The only thing I will say that may go against one of the points is it is my experience over 6 marathons that it is VERY difficult to run a negative split in a marathon. MOST people run the second half slower. That said, SOME people do run the second half faster. Those people have my UTMOST respect!

Sending you all my best. :)
Less than a month until your marathon ... exciting stuff! I wish I could translate that website!! :)
Wow, that's all really good advice. You guys have it made when it comes to not finding a toilet along the way, though. Just whip it out, indeed. :) Mia
Sounds like good advice to me. I need to print that out and tape it to the computer monitor so that I can remind myself of it when the training starts.
The Mannheim race sounds well organized. You must be getting excited!! It will be fun thinking of you there...since I will also remember graduating from Mannheim American HS back in the day. It's a gorgeous city. Glad you had a chance to go check it out.
Jack, Best of luck with your first marathon, go out slower than you think you should because when you cross the first km split you'll see it actually went faster than you thought, then slow down again! as Mark said, drink something at each opportunity and ideally it should be sports drink every other time. I forget what the number is, but remember, there are only a small percentage of the people in the world who have run a marathon and you are soon to join them!! Run Good!!
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