Friday, April 29, 2005

Just Trying to Stay Relaxed

Today I am just trying to stay relaxed. I spend an hour this morning going through my many projects at work trying to prioritize everything, lots of work, but one thing at a time.

I increased my calorie intake over the last 24 hours, bad for my diet, but I feel better today. I have been trying to maintain my weight, or even lose a couple pounds, but with my high mileage I think I was starting to borderline and freak out. I need to increase my energy level today anyway as I have my long run tomorrow morning. Tonight is pasta on the menu, along with a piece of meat and some veggies. It has been raining some today, so I imagine tomorrow morning will be humid, hopefully not as bad as last week. In any case I am looking forward to my run tomorrow, it will be a good test for the BIG DAY. My goal is to run three and a half hours, this should work out to around 32K/30M if I maintain my normal long run pace.

How's your training look for the weekend? Anybody racing?

Hey Jack...I'm a first timer to your site! I was contemplating the whole diet : increased mileage dilema tonight as I was doing my long run for the week. I'm so used to watching my diet like a hawk that I'm afraid I'm short-changing myself during my runs now that my mileage is increasing (I'm training for a half in 4 weeks). I didn't really come up with much in terms of ideas, but I did treat myself to an extra glass of wine with dinner tonight (not really the right kind of calories, right?) Best of luck on your run tomorrow!
I really miss training for something. It's hard for me to stay motivated, it turns out, without an event coming up. The event becomes the *reason* for putting in the miles. Brent (Poignant Irrelevance) is doing his very first 10k tomorrow, en route to his training for a half and a marathon. Pretty cool! Good luck on your long run tomorrow! I'll think of you when I'm doing my laborious 5k! - Mia
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