Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I Hate Mirrors!

When is the last time you stood naked before a full length mirror? For most of my life I avoided mirrors because they showed me something that I didn’t really want to see, namely a fat beached walrus with layer upon layer of uncomplimentary fat. I always felt bad about my weight, I certainly didn’t need to be reminded by looking in a mirror :-(

Even the times in my life when I had lost a lot of weight, I still seemed to have a “belly ring”, a prominent ring of fat around the middle that even record numbers of sit-ups didn’t diminish to any large extent. In the last year or so my legs muscles have toned up, my butt has grown smaller (my wife keeps telling me I am butt-less) but the ring not only remained, but seemed to be more predominant due to my changing form.

So I hate mirrors. I love oversize T-shirts, sweatshirts and anything else that will hide my imperfection. But you know what, I chanced to look in the full length mirror in the bathroom this morning after I showered, and paused to take inventory. My belly ring seems to actually be getting smaller. Or was it my imagination? So I walked into the kitchen to ask my wife what she thought. So (still naked) I say:

“Hey honey what do you thing about this?”
“No, not now, we have to go to work!”
“No, not that, do you think my love handles are getting smaller?”
“When you think, hurry up and finish in the bathroom, I have to shower!”

So still back to the mirror to try to figure it out myself, yes I think the rings are definetely getting smaller. I guess the sit-ups, trunk-twists and leg lifts before and after my runs, together with the high running mileage are starting to pay off. Just to be sure I want to get out the measuring tape and measure the ring, then I will have something to go by next time I venture in front of a mirror:->

Now I'm not one to dream about having a body of an 18-year-old at my age, although it is theoretically do-able, but I would like to acheive a high degree of fitness. I think I'm off to a good start. After my marathon I want to start working the upper body a bit more, but for now I'd rather not run the risk of pulled muscles or other injuries.

Anyone else like to avoid mirrors, or are you all Greek gods and goddesses?

God yes! But when I do look, there seems to be some improvement...
The only mirror I really like is the eensy-weensy one in the bathroom that only shows my eyes. My eyes look great with all this running! ;) Seriously, it's a great feeling to notice a change in yourself ... and I say, it has to be a significant change if you see it on yourself. I think we're the last to notice these things, living in these bodies everyday. Great work, Jack!
I don't avoid mirrors. Pretty hard to do so in my house. They are everywhere. Who designed those full length closet door mirrors?!?! Sheesshhhhh.

Sometimes seeing oneself naked in the mirror is a good reminder to either get out and run or behave with those dinner portions.
I can't believe blogger is letting me comment! God, I've got to go way back - I've been wanting to tell you how much I enjoyed reading about your impromptu half marathon - that's how long it's been!!!

You are so singing my song with this post, by the way. I never had mirrors in my house until I lost weight. Then, they became exclusively for seeing how I looked *in my clothes*. Looking at myself, naked, no thanks. I already feel like I have to walk around apologizing to people who have to see me in a bathing suit. I'd probably go blind if I looked directly at my naked self!

ah. I can sleep now that I've been able to comment at Jack's! :)
- Mia
Yes mirrors are sometimes a pain in the neck. Blogger is definetely a pain in the neck:-( I may have to talk to Mark and Chris about hosting my blog.

As the Pink Lady said though, mirrors have a way of reminding us to keep an active focus on either losing weight, or for the lucky few (not me), keeping those rock hard bodies from turning into marshmallow fluff.
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