Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Humidity Sucks, Dehydration is my Enemy; Tapering II

Tonight was a nice easy 14K/8.7M run on calendar. It rained all day, temperatures were in the high 60’s (F) and just as I left for my run the sun came out in full force. We’re talking major sauna action here. So of course with the sun shining brightly, I was filled with energy so took off like a rocket and played dodge the mud puddle finishing the first 10K’s in 54:45. Sweating like some hairy swamp monster crawling out of the cess pool, I decided I better slow down a little about that time, as I didn’t have any water with me (it was only a 14K run:) About 10 minutes later I started getting a rerun of my long run flop of a couple weeks back - that feeling like someone had let the air out of my tires or something. So I slowed waaay down till a snail ran by me and waddled on home. After drinking about 10 gallons of water, eating a sports bar and downing sports drink, I was fine again. I finished the 14K/8.7M run in 1:18:22, despite walking for a minute or so, that’s a pace of 5:36/K (9:01/M).

I am still thinking the trouble with the long run a couple weeks back was the onset of dehydration. The feeling that I got right before I started walking tonight was exactly the same as by the long run. Of course all the experts, wise people, and anyone with common sense will tell you that you should slow down when its so humid. My tiny brain tells me to run fast it seems – bad brain – whack!

Anyway an hour and half later (and many liters of fluid later) I feel just fine, no pain, no cramps, fine! Maybe Thursday I’ll bring my CamelBak, hmmm…

Saturday is my last long run, the weather forecast, more rain, more humidity. I am already psyched up for a nice slow pace, easy 32K/20M … really!

So moving on, a couple words about my tapering plan. I have been following an intensified version of a training plan for novice runners out of Hal Higdon’s book “Marathon – The Ultimate Training Guide”.

According to his plan the last three weeks (tapering) should go like this (K’s are rounded off):

Third week: 1 x 5M/8K; 1 x 8M/13K; 1 x 4M/6.5K; 1 x 12M/20K
Second week: 1 x 4M/.5K; 1 x 6M/10K; 1 x 3M/5K; 1 x 8M/13K
Last week: 1 x 3M/5K; 1 x 4M/6.5K; 1 x 2M/3.2K; marathon

I try to run every other day, which works out to 3 days one week and 4 the next. With my slightly longer distances on the shorter runs I still have ended up with at least as many miles as Hal’s plan (usually more). But his last three weeks and what I wrote about don't jive, umm maybe I should reconsider??

I am really starting to feel all the miles/kilometres that I have been putting in lately. I find that I have to go to bed earlier and earlier. So I kinda look forward to starting to taper after the weekend. Was it Hal that said after all the training the marathon is easy in comparison. Hmmm…

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