Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Day After

So how do I feel the day after my bad day? Pretty darn good actually, no pain, no muscle cramps – the muscles are a little sore, but that is perfectly normal for having run almost 30K yesterday. Yesterday I spent the morning in school, learning what “not to do” before and during a long run.

One thing that I learned is that sometimes your body doesn’t always let you know when it’s time to slow down. Or perhaps our emotions, ego, or energy just override any warnings.

Yesterday I felt really good the first 20+ K’s, my mind was saying “Boy this is great, I bet I can finish in 3 hours today!” My body went along for a long time. But it’s kind of like when you don’t check the oil in your car, sooner or later that red signal light is going to come on. And if you ignore the signals, the car will eventually quit. On the other side if you check the oil before you go on your trip, let the motor warm up before you speed, and watch for any warning signals you will probably get to where you’re going. I only have to remember that next time.

For any of you who haven’t run or trained for a marathon yet, keep a running log! This has proved to be invaluable in keeping track of the little details. I write all kinds of junk down, weight, temperature, weather – sometimes clothes I wear when I try something new, what I eat, when I eat blah-blah. After a while you can start seeing patterns of what works and not.

So the big question remaining – am I going to run the Mannheim Marathon on May 21st? For now let me just say I am taking my wife out to lunch in a few minutes, maybe the subject will come up:-)

p.s. I love you guys, thanks for the comments, advice and words of encouragement!

Hey Paula Radcliffe just won another marathon and she stopped for a bathroom break and spend some time on the side composing herself after getting stomach cramps during the race. Still won by 5 minutes! You bet she listens to the signs.
I found out the same was true about keeping my journal (blog, whatever) because I started to notice things over a period of time that I just would have ignored, in some cases, and/or blown way out of proportion, in other cases. So, yeah, that's great advice! - Mia
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