Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Baden Mile Run - May 7th

As I have mentioned in previous posts, on May 7th seventy runners, walkers or wheelchair racers from my company are participating in the 16th annual Badischemeile (Baden Mile) run. Last year there were about 2600 participants in the 8.88889K main run and about 300 kids that ran either the 400, 1300 or 2600 meter races. This year organizers are expecting 3500-4000 participants.

Anyway today we received our company running shirts, real Zelcon water-wicking running shirts, not cheap T-shirts like last year. Of course, dark blue with company logo front and back.

Many of the participants from my company plan on meeting after the race at a local watering hole. Should be a blast! I think the hard core partiers closed the place down last year.

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