Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Baden Mile on my Mind; Body Primed!

While sitting on the train on the way home from work yesterday I was thinking about my upcoming 8.88889K/5.5M Baden Mile race on May 7th that I am doing with my company “team”. My time last year was 51:21, a pace of 5:35/K (9:07/Mi). This year’s goal is to finish in 47 minutes, which would be a pace of about 5:15/K (8:27/Mi). My pace for my last HM was 5:23/K (8:39/Mi), so I think I can I can meet my goal with relative ease, that is without beating myself to death. I thought about doing some speed work over the next few weeks, but the thought of pulling muscles at this point makes me weary of doing this. With a little speed work I could probably run the race in 45 minutes or less, but I have other goals to meet in May.

Anyway when I got home I suited up and hit the trail, running my 14K/8.7Mi route. It was warmer than it had been for a couple days, about 16C/60F, but cloudy with a slight wind. As I ran the first few minutes I munched on a new MAXIM sport bar (carmel), the same kind that a lot of the marathons have available in my area. I find it quite hard to run and eat, but these bars don’t have large chunks of nuts or fruit so go down much easier than some. I have learned to take really small bites, then I’m not left gasping for air if I am trying to swallow too long. I'm been meaning to try gels, but they are only available in some of the sports stores in the city nearby.

I felt good yesterday so was cruising along at a good pace. I tried not to look at my watch so much, but rather listen to what my body was saying, an excellent thing to do on occasion. Well anyway my body said run, so I did. I finished my run in 78:14, with an average pace of 5:35/K (9:00/Mi), really close to my HM race pace. With my 30K/18.7M long run coming up Saturday probably not a smart thing to do - I'll let you know if it was a mistake:)

This morning my legs are a little tired, but no aches, pains or other complaints. I my calendar is an easy-pace 14K run on Thursday night, but I am thinking about doing it tonight so I have two days rest before my long run on Saturday.

Yeah, if the speedwork is a new thing, it might add a nice strain on the muscles you don't need so close to the race. I know in a marathon taper, they say there isn't much you can do to improve in the last three weeks, but I'm not sure how that applies to a half marathon.
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