Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Upcoming Attractions

I was thinking about upcoming running events on the train to work this morning. Lots of possibilitie, I'm seriously considering doing the Rhine Folks Run (Rhein-Volkslauf), which has a 10K and half-marathon (HM) on April 16th. I was reading the ad at my run on Sunday, asphalt course, 100% flat, along the Rhine River – you can’t imagine how this gets my PR juices churnin’. I could picture a new HM PR. I only missed it by a couple minutes on Sunday, and that with a cold. Hmmm.

If that doesn’t work there’s a HM at the Südpfalzlauf (Southern Pfalz Run) in Ruelzheim on May 16th. I ran the 10K last year, the course is also flat, most of it on beaten forest paths. This route is almost ideal if it doesn’t rain. The best thing is our friend Eva lives in this town so my wife will have company.

Or maybe both runs, then I don't have to decide :->

Of course on May 7th is the 8.8889K Baden Mile, we have over 40 people from my company signed up so far. There’s talk about a company T-shirt – hey why not!

Man, today it’s already 11°C (51°F) outside, sunny, beautiful. Well I gotta finish my sandwich here quick and take a walk before the end of my lunch break, it’s just too nice to blog. I can’t wait to hit the running trail after work, I feel like a kid that just bought his first car, just waiting to get out there and put on some miles!

The 8.8889K Baden Mile? There's gotta be a good story behind that name.
Hey, I'm late but I have to say GREAT race report!!! And a super race. Love the picture:) What a way to stick with it. And that race along the Rhine sounds wonderful....you've sure got great views for your runs. Way to go Jack.
New to racing, I'm going to enforce a strict rule for myself on being able to pronounce the runs I choose... ;)

Awesome goals, Jack!
I wrote the organizers for the Baden Mile today and asked them how they ever came up with the 8.8889K distance. Jon has me all curious now :?
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