Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Spring is Breaking Me

Tonight I ran my 12K route, the first 10K in 57:49, total time 80:23 (something not right here). I have to seriously re-measure my route with my mountain bike soon, either I am turning into superman or my route is much longer than I thought. I lean toward the latter and would guess that it is more like a 14K route. I guess I should first take my mountain bike over a known distance to see how accurate the mileage computer is.

The trail tonight was good to poor, the asphalt/gravel sections dry and fast; the fields and forest were soup - snow, slosh, mud, standing water – in some cases I actually ran over the fields because they were in better shape than the path. No sunshine, but the temperature was floating around 40°F – nice!

After reading up on the CamelBak drink system I took the plunge and ordered one, the CamelBak Classic Ruby Red “2005” with 2 liter capacity, and small storage pocket. Can’t wait to try that out, I love new toys. With temperatures usually reaching 90-100°F in the summer and a need to carry fluids with me prompted this purchase. I talked with a couple people who use them, one for cycling, the other cross-country skiing, they are well pleased. We’ll see :->

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