Monday, March 07, 2005

Spring Fever or Temporary Insanity?

Today I felt completely recovered from my long run on Saturday. The only problem is that I ate too much yesterday and it showed on the scales this morning – 78Kg, 2Kg more than Friday (is that possible ). Although disappointed, I know that this will probably be gone tomorrow if I can stay on my diet today.

Anyway the sun was shining all afternoon with temperatures reaching almost 40°F, so by the time I got home I was primed and ready to rock ‘n’ roll. The snow was gone from the asphalt and gravel covered portions of my route, and almost gone from the woods – traction was excellent! I cruised along my 12K route averaging 9:31/mile, which is about a minute faster than normal and just 37 seconds slower than my half-marathon pace. Although this was probably an act of insanity with a half-marathon coming up Sunday, somehow it was in me and had to come out. Afterward I felt better than I have for a long time – completely satisfied that I had a good workout – YES!

Oh by the way, let's go back to the insanity issue, did I say I was wearing new running shoes tonight? WHAT you ran like a spring chicken in love with NEW running shoes, ouch! Yup, first time I wore them running - Adidas Model whatever. But when I bought them I did it right, brought my old running shoes with me, ran the treadmill, let the shoe specialist check out my running form, listened to his recommendation, ran 10 minutes on the treadmill with them - results - no problems! Wow!

Ah yes, the joy of new shoes that fit right. Sounds like a little thing - but it isn't! Glad you found good shoes.
You mentioned that since your running went up, your weight loss went down or slowed. That's common. For the entirety of last year, I lost zero pounds. I stayed exactly the same (at my loss of 50 pounds), but lost no more weight. The moment I stopped running training and did weightlifting and nothing heavier than 3x/week sprint interval training, I started losing again (another 15). The two goals seem exclusive, contrary to what *should* happen. FYI.
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