Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Oh no, my 12K training route is not 12K's !!

It was an unbelievable 70°F when I got home from work today. My wife has night school tonight, so I had all I could do to keep from lacing up the running shoes. But nope, nope, nope, this is a recovery week. So instead I got out my mountain bike and decided to measure my training route. I think I mentioned a time or two that I have doubts that my route is really 12K.So out the door I went, beautiful day, I tell ya! People out everywhere, walking, talking, bike riding, JOGGING! Anyway my route checked out to my 10K point, I kind of figured that because I measured that last year. But then it got interesting, eleven kilometers, aah…I’m still too far from home, can’t be. Twelve kilometers, oh-oh. My whole training program for the entire Winter suddenly flashed before my eyes – all messed up, totally wrong, my entire training pace, wrong, all the paper work, the planning aaahhhhh! Thirteen kilometers .. I can see the church steeple. This means I have to go back and change everything, you know that…redo the whole planning. And my races, suddenly I see that I just have not been putting out like I should be, I mean…Fourteen kilometers plus about 50 meters. I have been running two kilometers farther on every run, the entire winter and didn’t know it. Aaaahhh.... He-he :->

My neighbor was out trying to get his motorcycle going when I came back, so gave him a hand. He has a nice older Nissan 4x4 (Pathfinder maybe) that I always admired. Then I heard those magic words “do you wanna buy it, my wife want’s a new BMW”. Do I WANNA, what kind of question is that, does Buffalo get snow in the winter? So how do I convince my wife that she wants it? Okay guys, I can use some help on this.

They say it is better to ask forgiveness than permission, but I am not sure that would be wise in this case.

Nice bonus on the extra kms.
Better too long than too short I say!
I don't know, Jack. If I were running 15 feet longer than I had planned I would *know* it!

As for the car, I'd take the route of explaining how useful it would be in all the chores you plan on doing for her... hauling groceries, yard work, packing around presents you want to buy for her. :)

- Mia
The Nissan fire quenched? I went back over to my neighbors last night, his wife made the mistake (hers) of telling me that soon all vehicles registered as trucks have to start paying more vehicle tax. Currently the neighbor pays around $190 twice a year, but it may double or triple. Car insurance is also 30% higher our car. Hmmm, could be an expensive toy. I'll have to think about this some more.
Wait, that means all your paces are ALOT faster too! That's alot better than finding out your 12K is really 7K.

Unless your bike odometer is wrong....
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