Sunday, March 20, 2005

A nice Spring training run.

Today was another beautiful Spring day, 18°C (65°F). My poor wife has a cold with fever, so she was passed out on the couch when I came back from church. I decided it was a good time to run so saddled up and hit my 14K (8.6 mile) route. What gorgeous weather, I love the Spring. The flowers are starting to pop up here and there, hard to believe we had snow just two short weeks ago.

It was a bit breezy as I wandered out across the fields, but it felt good. I felt surprising fit, considering my very long run this past Friday. I was running strong as I passed my 10K marker, so picked up the speed a little finishing in 1:19:36. If my bycycle odometer is correct and my route is 14K, then I averaged 5:41/KM (9:09/mile). If I can keep this up on my 14K training runs I should be able to break my PR on the next half-marathon.

Happy running!

It sounds like spring is coming around to all the RBF. It's about time. Great run for you.
Darn, hope your wife is feeling better soon, Jack. Looks like the flu has made it over to you.

Thanks for the rundown on cleaning the camelback. I know alot of folks have them. I use the fuel belt right now, and I'm wondering if those 4 little bottles are going to be enough for an 18 miler in the middle of nowhere when full marathon training hits.
I'm jealous of your weather ... imagining a lovely spring run in Germany .... (sigh...) :)

Glad you had a great run! Take good care of your wife ... who DOESN'T have this in their family right now?!?
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