Friday, March 18, 2005

Long Run Today!

I decided to use up some of my accumulating overtime today and stayed home from work. I have a couple appointments at work ext week that will probably call for 10-12 hour days so my boss was kind enought to see it my way this time. So with the temperature already about 15°C at 9:30 this morning I strapped on the new CamelBak and hit the trail. So with lots of sunshine as my partner I started over my normal route. About three KM out I got the worst cramp in my upper leg that I have ever experienced. I stopped a stretched a bit, walked a couple minutes, than slowly started running again. The pain subsided, so I kept going. The CamelBak takes some getting used to, you hear the constant sloshing of the water inside. I have the 2 liter model, which probably sloshes around worse than the smaller ones. In any case I got used to it, and didn't think much more about. I got a couple strange looks from a few of the old people that I came across, I guess they never saw a CamelBak before. I give the CamelBak high ratings, its comfortable, lightweight, and very easy to drink from. The only complaint was the hose slides down from the clip sometimes. On my next long run I want to try stuffing the extra hose into the backpack, maybe this helps. But overall I highly recommend it!

I had planned on doing 15-20K today, but as some of you may have noticed I'm a glutton for punishment, I didn't stop until I had run 2 hours 45 minutes, I would guess about 25-26K's. How do I feel? Hungry! My legs definetely feel like they had a workout. But I actually don't feel as worn out as after the half-marathon on Sunday. I kept the pace down, I'm guessing I averaged about 6:30/KM. I'm really going to have to find out if my odometer on the bycycle is accuate, I don't know if I trust it!

Well I have to have lunch, I'm starving! Happy running!

Staying home from work sounds fabulous! Your run sounds great. Glad you liked the CamelBak - I never do a long run without mine any more.
I wonder what that cramp was? Hope it doesn't resurface anytime soon:)So, do you own a Pathfinder yet????
Those people probably wondered what was IN the camelback. How do you clean those things anyway?
It's a good thing I like math - man, it's a shame how much energy conversions take for me! Lazy ass American that I am :) I think your new gear must be very inspiring!
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